New Book: Prout in Power (2017)

Prout in Power: Policy Solutions that Reframe Our Futures By Sohail Inayatullah Proutist Bloc India Publications, New Delhi, 2017   Created in the late 1950s by the Indian philosopher, mystic, and social activist P.R. Sarkar, Prout or the Progressive Utilization Theory is not only a theory of social change and transformed leadership, but an alternative […]

CLA 2.0 in Farsi (2017)

    با سلام و احترام       مبانی نظری و مورد کاوی های مختلف و متنوع      اثر برجسته پرفسور سهیل عنایت الله و ایوانا میلیویچ     تحلیل لایه ای علت ها. نسخه 2.0     روش پرکاربرد و معروف آینده پژوهی انتگرال      تحلیل لایه ای علت ها یکی […]

Sample Chapters from Prout In Power (2017)

Ehealth Futures for Bangladesh The Futures of Higher Education Arab Spring Scenarios The Futures of Crime and Prison Social Movements and Strategy Democratic Governance Asia 2030   These are earlier (draft) versions of chapters, for the final (published) version click here: Prout in Power (2017) (PDF)       […]

Featured Book: What Works (2015)

What Works: Case Studies in the Practice of Foresight By Sohail Inayatullah Tamkang University Press, Tamsui, Taiwan, 2015   What Works furthers the practice of foresight in organizations, institutions, cities and nations. Divided into three parts, What Works moves from theorizing the future to case studies of foresight in action and concludes with innovative futures […]

Featured Book: CLA 2.0 (2015)

CLA 2.0: Transformative Research in Theory and Practice Edited by Sohail Inayatullah and Ivana Milojević, Tamkang University Press, Tamsui, Taiwan, 2015 CLA 2.0 consolidates the latest in scholarly research on layered approaches to transformative change by thinkers and activists from around the world. The authors use CLA to investigate topics such as: The Global Financial […]