Audio and print interviews with Sohail Inayatullah

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Interviews and Videos

                                   Introduction to Sohail Inayatullah


                             Six Pillars of Futures Studies


                              Clement C.P. Chang Interviewed by Sohail


                                Sohail Inayatullah interviewed on Postmodernism
                                and Civilization by Yu-ming Shaw, May 2000


                                 Sohail Inayatullah speaks on World Futures 2020 for
                                  International Policing Conference


Futures of the Global Financial Crisis, Part 1


Futures of the Global Financial Crisis (Part 2)

Download an audio file of the lecture at the talk given in the Brisbane Ideas Festival

The Global Economic Crisis and World Futures

                                  An Informal Conversation On Water Futures (pt 1)

Water Futures (pt 2)

Gold Coast Bold Futures, Interview with Sohail Inayatullah


Thoughts On Nuclear Disarmament, Ivana Milojević


Interview with Elton Consulting on City Futures and Futures Studies


Futures Studies: Stories You Tell About the Future