Annotated ibliography of futures studies books, articles and resources

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Articles by Marcus Anthony

A review of Ivana Milojevic's Educational Futures

Articles by Marcus Bussey (Bio)

Deadly Freedom: Inventing Hope in Dark Times
Tea Bag Culture and Beyond 
Education at the Crossroads: the Futures of Schooling
Microvita and the Body Politic: Getting mystery to work for us
Taxonomies of Mind 
Tradition & Energy: Calculating our Educational power bill

Articles by Tony Stevenson (Bio)

Rethinking organisations
Rethinking Ways of Knowing to Contend with Civilisational Change
Whose Digital Future? Players and bystanders

Articles by Alan Fricker (Bio)

Biomimitic and Genetically Engineered Futures: Humanity at the

The Hunger for Meaning 
Measuring up to Sustainability

Articles by Jennifer Fitzgerald (Bio)

Values in end-of-life decision making: some implications for  
people with disability

Geneticizing disability: the human genome project and the  
commodification of self 

Bioethics, disability and death: Uncovering cultural bias in the 
euthanasia debate

Articles by Robert Burke (Bio)

Why do we still do it? The curse of 'panacea mania'
Action Learning and Futures
Future scenarios for Australian leadership: No vision, no victory
pulse of the planet: leadership models in the global village
Back to the Future (PDF)

Global Sustainability: How can Business Schools Contribute? (PDF)
Leadership and spirituality (PDF)
Articles by Jennifer Gidley (Bio)

Beyond Homogenisation Of Global Education
Cultural renewal: revitalizing youth futures
Educational imperatives of the evolution of
consciousness: the integral visions of Rudolf Steiner
and Ken Wilber

Giving Hope Back To Our Young People: Creating A New Spiritual Mythology For Western Culture

Global Youth Culture: A Transdisciplinary Perspective
Integrated Approaches to School Educational Futures


Articles by Peter Hayward (Bio)

Facilitating Foresight
Resolving the Moral Impediments to Foresight Action 

Articles by Paul Wildman (Bio)
Here Together Now – a Neo-Humanist Guide to Human Development
Life futures: an initial taxonomy of terrestrial and non terrestrial 
forms of life

Dreamtime myth: history as future 
Where meaning matters: from the monophonic university to the   
polyphonic multiversities

Engaging poststructuralism

Articles by David Wright (Bio)

Deconstructing/Reconstructing images of the future in a 
post-bubble Japanese community revitalization program

Alternative futures in a post-bubble Japanese community 
(Chapter 1 of Masters

Articles and Books by Richard Slaughter (Bio)

A Personal Agenda for the 21st Century
Futures Studies: From Individual to Social Capacity
Future Shock Re-assessed 

Articles by Francis Hutchinson (Bio)

Learning Journeys
Lessons for Environemental Educators
Taking Children Seriously
Valuing Young People

Articles by Richard Eckersley (Bio)

Future Visions for Children’s Wellbeing (PDF)
That's all well and good
It's the Weltanschauung, stupid!    
The view from a cave: science, spirituality, and meaning
The end of the world (as we know it)
What's it all about?

Wretched or contented? The politics of past lives

Articles by Rosaleen Love (Bio)

Perfection as lifestyle choice
The History of Wrong Ideas, and their future
Writing about the future

Jan Lee Martin

Start working on tomorrow’s ‘deep branding’
The life journeys of memes -- towards guided evolution?
Exploring the Corporate Culture Gap

Articles by Patricia Kelly

Avatar... and the 'Sustainabullies' of Higher Education
Futures Studies and Feminism
Letter from the oasis: Helping engineering students
to become sustainability professionals

Book Review: Towards Globo Sapiens:
Transforming Learners in Higher Education

Futurelandia – cuckoo in the nest
Learning for sustainable futures: one intervention
How can engineers help me to become a wise global citizen?

Articles by Graham Molitor

Are Scenarios Worth the Effort?
Looking Ahead: Communication Technologies That Will Change Our Lives
Emerging economic sectors in the third millennium
Energy Futures for the  Long-Term

Molitor Forecasting Model: Key Dimensions for Plotting the "Patterns of Change"
How to Anticipate Public Policy Changes?
In Defense Of Biotech Optimism
Oncoming "Leisure Era": How We are Getting There
Oncoming Leisure Era Part II: Historical Perspectives: Less Time "Working"
Principles and Patterns of Economic Era Development