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Professor Ivana Milojević is a researcher and an educator with the background in sociology, gender, peace and futures studies. Originally from former-Yugoslavia she now resides at the Sunshine Coast, Australia, where she is an Adjunct Professor (University of the Sunshine Coast, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences). Since 2008 Dr Milojević has also been Visiting Professor at the Association of Centres for Interdisciplinary and Multidisciplinary Studies and Research, University of Novi Sad, Serbia.  

She is the author, co-author and/or co-editor of: The Futures of Education: Pedagogies for an Emergent World (2008); a special issue of Futures on Feminism/Gender (2008); Neohumanist Educational Futures: Liberating the Pedagogical Intellect (2006); and Alternative Futures of Education: Dominant and Contesting Visions (2005). She is currently completing a book on the links between her personal and family histories and world events which includes an inquiry into alternative futures – a range of future possibilities, both for each one of us personally as well as for our global society. Parallel to this, she has two books in Serbian scheduled for the publication in 2010 (radni naslovi: Priče za pametne i odvažne devojčice svih uzrasta, sa Dr. Aleksandrom Izgarjan i Uvod u rodne teorije i feminističku misao, sa Prof. Slobodankom Markov).