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 Futures Studies:

Methods, Emerging Issues and Civilizational Visions - A Multimedia Reader


                                                Sohail Inayatullah and Paul Wildman


What is the long term future of humanity? of Gaia?

Will civilisations violently clash or are we on the verge of planetary governance?

What is the future of world capitalism?

Will robots have legal rights?

Should we consciously create the future or is the future best left to market forces?

Will the new communication technologies liberate us or create a technocratic prison?

Can patriarchy be transformed and a peaceful partnership society be created?

Is there one future or alternative futures?

How can we decolonize the future, keeping open the plurality of dissent?


            These and other crucial questions are explored in this exciting new cd-rom. Packed with insights about our futures, this cd-rom in itself is a future technology.  By opening up to a futures listserve, you can email the authors and other readers, even co-author future editions.


Futures Studies brings together leading thinkers and activists in the futures field:


*          Ashis Nandy on dissent and the shaman

*          Johan Galtung on peace and global governance

*          James Dator on governing evolution and the end of the natural

*          Elise Boulding on imagining a world without weapons

*          Riane Eisler on gender and the partnership society

*          Allen Tough on the crucial questions facing future generations

*          Rick Slaughter on foundational futures concepts

*          Immanuel Wallerstein on civilization and capitalism

*          Ivana Milojevic on feminism and futures studies

*          Eleonora Masini on the philosophy of futures studies

*          Sohail Inayatullah on critical futures studies; macrohistory; postdevelopment visions; and Sarkar's spiritual-technological futures

*          Wendy Schultz on visioning workshops

*          Zia Sardar on Asia in-between programmed and desired futures and on             decolonizing futures studies

*          Godwin Sogolo on the futures of Africa

*          Tony Judge on the aesthetics of governance

*          Phil McNally on the rights of robots

*          Tony Stevenson and June Lennie on communication futures

*          Chris Jones on the futures of Gaia

*          Richard Richardson on Microvita Science and the Spirituality revolution

*          Clem Bezold on scenario development and health futures

*          Tom Beer on fractals, forecasting and climate change

*          Paul Wildman on ways of knowing and the pedagogies of the future as well as   with Bilyana Blomeley on Aboriginal dreamtime futures, and much more.


     The first section presents methods futurists use to forecast and interpret the future; the second speculates on emerging issues that have the potential to dramatically alter how we work, love, live and learn; and the third section explores how different civilizations imagine the future. An annotated bibliography of the Futures field is also included.  A Futures galleria presents futures-oriented artworks that visually represent authors' texts and a section on fractals explores the frontiers of science, art and learning.  Rosaleen Love, award winning feminist science fiction writer, presents her latest short story, The Seven Futures of Septimus Smith.


     Each chapter includes an introduction by Inayatullah as well as study-guide questions.  Authors' profiles and interviews - their life stories, passions, forecasting methods and visions of the future - illuminate the text.


These profiles include:


1. Clem Bezold, Helping Others Choose More Wisely

2. Elise Boulding, The Cultures and Futures of Peace

3. Jim Dator, A Fish In and Out of Water

4. Riane Eisler, Creating Partnership Futures

5. Johan Galtung, Peace, Vision and the Future

6. Jenny Gidley, Creating Futures for Holistic Education

7. Hazel Henderson, Fighting Economism

8. Francis Hutchinson, Future Generations, Education and Alternatives to Violence

9. Sohail Inayatullah, Civilizational Futures and Beyond

10. Chris Jones, Conundrum and Vision, Professing on the Hinge of History

11. Tony Judge, Richer Metaphors for Our Future Survival

12. Rosaleen Love, The History of Wrong Ideas, and their Future

13. Eleonora Masini, A Future with Dignity

14. Ivana Milojevic, Journey to Feminist Futures

15. Ashis Nandy, Bearing Witness to the Future

16. Robert Pope, Ethical Science, Ethical Art, Ethical Futures

17. Zia Sardar, Natural Born Futurist

18. Richard Slaughter, Towards a Reenchanted World

19. Tony Stevenson, Travels in Futures Studies

20. Allen Tough, My Connectedness with Future Generations

21. Paul Wildman, Work Futures and Future Pedagogies


Interviews include: Elise Boulding (Women, Civil Society and the Image of the Future), Jim Dator (From Medieval Philosophy to Space Futures), Riane Eisler (Ending 5000 Years of Domination), Johan Galtung (Basic Human Needs and Ecological Balance), Hazel Henderson (Taming the World Economy), Sohail Inayatullah (Metaphors and the Future), Eleonora Masini (The Right to Have a Future), Ashis Nandy (The Defiance of Defiance and the Liberation of the Victims of History), Zia Sardar (There's No Free Meal on the Internet), Rick Slaughter (Hope, God and Nano-technology) and Immanuel Wallerstein (Contradictions of World Capitalism).

     But more than eclectic content, this cd-rom is unique in that it opens up to a futures listserve, thus allowing you to engage in interactive conversations with other readers as well as the editors and selected authors. Further, over 100 future-oriented World Wide Web addresses are included. This hybrid design creates a new level of interactivity, even to the point of encouraging readers to help write future editions.


     The Multimedia Reader can also be used for credit towards a Masters in Science (Futures and Foresight) through the International Management Centres - a private accredited  international university.


            Futures Studies will be of invaluable use to planners, educators, policymakers, academics, activists and students of futures research.


            Futures Studies: Methods, Emerging Issues and Civilizational Visions is available from the Pacific Centre for Futures Innovation and Prosperity Press, Brisbane. Isbn: 1 875 603 13 1 . Release 1.0


Cost: US$50 (Australian 80) for individuals and US$150 (Australian 240) for institutions (both inclusive of postage and handling). Discounts available for students, unemployed and others. Licensing as courseware is also possible.


Orders can be placed directly through:

Prosperity Press - Publishing for Prosperous Communities Nature can live with

PO Box 74, Nundah 4014 Brisbane Australia

Phone/Fax 61 7 3266-7570



or contact: Sohail Inayatullah - or





It is magnificent ... I have already set it as a requirement for my undergraduate "History of the Future" course.  Dr. Tom Poole, Senior Lecturer, Department of History, University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia.



Easy to use, full of insights. Highly recommended.  Carolyn Hobart, IT director, Foundation for the Future, Bellevue, Washington, USA.



Its gripping material makes it an exciting and fascinating learning journey that adds significant value to any action learning program or to anyone interested in the future … absolutely essential on-line information and courseware.  Robert Burke, Associate Professor, Chief Executive Officer, International Management Centres, Pacific Region,  Australia



The essayists included are outstanding. Galtung, Sarkar, Nandy, Boulding and Judge have long been among my idols in grassroots philosophy. This selection should be required reading for anyone in the public service.  Bill Elliss, TRANET, Maine, USA.



A magnificent intellectual smorgasbord with such delicacies and variety as to satisfy a novitiate or an ancient cleric in the world of the futurist … a true banquet.  Tom Abeles, President, Sagacity, Minneapolis, Minnesota.


Wonderful.  Professor Art Shostak, Director, Centre for Employment Futures, Drexel University, USA



The CD provides me with a comprehensive view of the field - what it has contributed, is contributing and even its futures. As a geriatric psychiatrist, I am using it to explore the futures of my sub-specialty - the futures of health care.   Dr. M. Ouwafemi Agbayewa,

Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Britich Columbia.


Congratulations. The CD looks great. Wendell Bell, Professor Emeritus, Department of Sociology, Yale University



A significant contribution to crafting a future that is worthwhile and fulfilling.  Neville Coventry, Director, Co-Visions, Australia



There is a great deal of stimulating material here, and Inayatullah and Wildman’s warmth and dedication shine through and are an integral part of the experience.   Colin Blackman, editor, Foresight. Director, Camford Publishing.


Using an innovative and challenging forum of the future, the CDRom . It brings together a constellation of international scholars to debate alternative futures. A unique and valuable contribution to the field of Futures  Studies.  Dr. Brenda Hall-Taylor, Director of Postgraduate Coursework School of Social and Workplace Development, Southern Cross University



The CD-Rom is an invaluable navigation aid ...  a must have resource.   Michael McAllum, Director, Foresight Institute of  New Zealand and Global Foresight



Inayatullah and Wildman’s Futures Studies CD-Rom is a unique multiperspective journey of throught, helping the student/reader create their preferred future in the world of work, family and society.   Shawn Ket,  General Manager, QANTM Australia



The CD-Rom is a find product of extensive research, planning and documentation .. one of the earliest multimedia kits in the future lineof powerful 21st century “textbook” on futures studies. Every conscientious world citizen should train herslef and other family members in futures studies with this wonderful tool. Dr. Udayakumar, Research Associate, Institute on Race and Poverty, University of Minnesota.


A masterpiece prepared by among the most respected scholars in the discipline. An ideal tool for both futures students and other scholars.


Kible Bonga, Economic Unit Investment Division, Finance Pacific Ltd.





Congratulations. The cd-rom is fantastic. You have pushed the envelope very far forward.  James Dator, Professor of Political Science, University of Hawaii.



Congratulations. The cd-rom provides a major and unique overview of the

futures field.   Clem Bezold,  Executive Director, Institute for Alternative Futures and

Director, World Future Society



Fantasies, fears, foibles, forecasts, fallacies, foresight, future

generations ... Here's but a few of the critical challenges offered in this

diverse and creative resource.  Frank Hutchinson, Senior Lecturer, University of Western Sydney.


Awesome,  a real contribution to futures studies and of tremendous practical use to local and national planners.  Phil McNally, Alderman, Belle Fourche Council, South Dakota



Both the content and the format are superb. Congratulations on an excellent product!

Allen Tough, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto


August 1999

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