Futurist Advocates for ‘Strategic Foresight’ in Corporate Planning (2015)

By: Natalie Greve, Creamer Media Contributing Editor Online United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation chair in futures studies Professor Sohail Inayatullah has touted the adoption of “transformative and strategic foresight” by companies in future scenario planning, telling a workshop that this approach creates flexibility in decision-making by moving from a focus on one inevitable […]

Foresight methods

“Six Pillars” Model Summarised

Mapping the Present and the Future – through methods and tools such as the futures triangle and the futures landscape. Anticipating the Future – through methods such as emerging issues analysis and the futures wheel. Timing the Future – understanding the grand patterns of change, macrohistory and macrofutures. Deepening the Future – through methods such […]

New Learning Curve Sends Planners Back to the Future (1999)

Anticipatory Action Learning Byline: Julie Macken Australian Financial Review January 1, 1999 The accepted strategies for forward planning have lost credence, forcing corporations to rethink and re-arm  Typical. Just as corporate Australia is finally getting into the swing of strategic planning, along come some of the country’s foremost futurists and declare that the reign of […]