Peace Futures (PDFs)

List of available PDFs from   Milojević, I. “Introduction.” Breathing: Violence In, Peace Out (1-7), New Approaches to Peace and Conflict Series (Brisbane, University of Queensland Press, 2013), 1-7. Milojević, I.“Making Peace: Kosovo/a and Serbia.” Journal of Futures Studies (Vol. 13, No. 2, 2008), 1-11. Milojević, I.“Gender, Militarism and the View of the Future: Students’ […]

Syria Scenarios: Thoughts on Transcending Violence (2012)

By Ivana Milojević Syria Scenarios 1. Continuation of a totalitarian state/crackdown. President Bashar al-Assads’ regime continues, maintained by the security forces use of violence, repression and bloodshed also continue. This is reminiscent of 2009-2011 Iran or 1992 Algeria. This scenario will also lead to Syria’s international isolation and the impoverishment of the Syrian population. The […]

Making Peace: Kosovo/a and Serbia: Conflict Resolution Scenarios (2008)

By Dr. Ivana Milojević This essay explores the futures of Kosovo/a and Serbia. It uses methods from scenarios and peace theory to articulate a different possible future for the region. The current trajectory promises hardship for all parties especially in the medium and long term. Keywords: International conflict resolution, peace futures, transcend method, scenarios, Serbia, […]

Is This Funny? Humour, Satire and (Non)Violence (2006)

By Ivana Milojević “In its original historical meaning, a cartoon (from the Italian cartone, meaning “big paper”) is a full-size drawing made on paper as a study for a further artwork, such as a painting  or tapestry. In modern print media, a cartoon is an illustration, usually humorous in intent.” (Wikipedia, 2006)   The current […]

Alternative Futures of War (2005)

By Sohail Inayatullah “War is the darkest spot on humanity’s history.” P.R. Sarkar* Asking if war has a future may appear ludicrous, given that the 20th century was one of the bloodiest ever, and that scores of low grade wars are currently maiming and killing countless thousands. You may wonder why even ask? Haven’t we […]

Be Alarmed, Be Very Very Alarmed (2003)

Reflections on anti-terrorism kit send by Commonwealth Government of Australia By Ivana Milojević Written 5th February 2003 I still remember vividly the short feature presentation I watched several times during my schooling. It was called “Yellow Mini Morris” and it went like this: a couple, a blond beautiful woman and a tall handsome stranger arrive […]

Gender, Peace and Terrestrial Futures (2002)

Alternatives to Terrorism and War Ivana Milojević* The University of Queensland, Australia The purpose of this article is to explore alternative discourses and alternative strategies to the present ‘war on terrorism’ as well as to terrorism itself. The article focuses on the question whether conflict resolutions based on military means are successful and argues that […]

Terror and World System Futures (2001)

Sohail Inayatullah[1] The events of September 11, 2001 should be seen in global human terms as a crime against humanity and not as a war against anyone. This is not only because those in the WTC come from many nationalities [2] but as well issues of solidarity and efficacy of response move us in that […]

The Cost of Past-Oriented Thinking (1999)

By Ivana Milojević The University of Queensland The inability for futures thinking – at individual, group, national and global levels – to forecast, develop scenarios and alternatives has cost the former-Yugoslavia (SFRJ) hundreds of thousands of lives, millions of displaced persons, the destruction of the environment and economy and probably over 20 millions of wounded […]

Towards a Proutist View on the Gulf War (1991)

Sohail Inayatullah (Written in 1991) Coming to terms with the present Gulf crises is a difficult task for an inhabitant of this planet as well as for the planet and her eco-system as well.  It is especially difficult for Muslims and those sympathetic to civilizations who have found their meaning systems cannibalized by various colonialists.  […]