BREATHING: Violence In, Peace Out (Book Info, 2013)

Authored by Ivana Milojević

University of Queensland Press | Non-fiction/Academic | ISBN: 978 0 7022 4969 3 | October 2013 | C Format Paperback | 304pp |


Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Communism, utopia: the personal is political

  • Salvation
  • Progress and regress
  • Raising of children and worldview
  • Othering
  • The failure and the evolution of utopia

Chapter 2. War, dystopia: the holy trinity of militarism, imperialism and nationalism

  • Knives, guns and beyond
  • Bellicose fantasies of glory
  • ‘We’ of the ‘lesser’ people
  • Nation-states and nationalisms

Chapter 3. Feminism, eutopia: challenging patriarchy and androcratic masculinities

  • Mothers and soldiers
  • Masculinity wars
  • Men as violence subjects and objects
  • Men’s expendable lives
  • Feminist eutopia: alternative peace-oriented masculinities and femininities

Chapter 4. Living trauma, eupsychia: the political is personal

  • Horizontal and vertical breakdowns
  • Concentric cycles and ripple effects
  • Past and present traumas
  • Post-traumatic growth



UQPs New Approaches to Peace and Conflict series builds on the wisdom of the first wave of peace researchers while addressing important 21st century challenges to peace, human rights and sustainable development. The series publishes new theory, new research and new strategies for effective peacebuilding and the transformation of violent conflict. It challenges orthodox perspectives on development, conflict transformation and peacebuilding within an ethical framework of doing no harm while doing good.

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