Sarkar & PROUT

Prout: Ways to transform the world. Ppt pdf.

A proutist view of the futures of South Asia; Steps to a Confederation

Ramana Williams, Beyond the Dominant Paradigm; Embracing the Indigenous and the Transcendental

Civilization, leadership and inclusive democracy

Civilization, Peace and the Future: An interview with Johan Galtung

Expanding economic thinking; Shrii sarkar and amartya sen

Framing the shapes and times of the future; Towards a Post-Development Vision of Futures

Locating Sarkar; Economy, Epistemology, and Social Theory

New futures ahead; Genetic or microvita transformation

Notes on PROUT policy on intervention

Johan Galtung, Prabhat rainjan sarkar’s social cycles, world unity and peace; Renaissance 2000 honoring Sarkar’s 75th Anniversary, LA 1

Reclaiming Community; Histories and Futures

The politics of understanding PROUT; Epistemological Approaches to Social Analysis

Introductory Chapter from the book, Situating Sarkar

Prout Indicators: Questions to Ask New Movements/Organizations/Revolutions/ State and Corporate Policies

Social Structure And Transcendence: Historiography and P.R. Sarkar

Towards a Proutist View of the Gulf War

Transformative Strategies for the PROUT Movement

Will Proutist Economics Work: Futures after Capitalism

Matt Oppenheim, Participatory Action Research in the Ozarks

Caetanya, Proutist Research Institute, Proutist Approach for Solving Poverty in Togo

Caetanya, Proutist Research Institute, A Proutist Manual for Block Level Planning

Awakening to a transformed future: Corporate World, Caliphate, or
Gaia Peace, Prout Journal, November 2010.

Roar Bjonnes, Tantra and Veda: The Untold Story

Crime and Prisons, Prout Journal, April 2011

E-Health Futures for Bangladesh – Implications for Prout E-Health
Policy. Prout Journal, December 2011

Futures of Higher Education, Prout Journal, July 2011

The Arab Spring: What’s Next, Prout Journal, May 2011

The Urban Imagination, New Renaissance, Winter 1991.

Sarkar’s spiritual-dialectics: an unconventional view of the future, 1988

P.R. Sarkar’s Reconstruction of Science and Society, 1992

Sarkar and Macrohistory – Responding to Larry Taub, 2009

Gandhi and Sarkar, 1998

Transformative Strategies for the PROUT Movement

The Dynamics of History: Sarkar’s contribution

Leadership, Evil and Future Generations Orientation

Global Transformation in the 1990s

Sarkar and Economics

Democratic Governance in Asia