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 Why Futures Thinking 

Futures thinking (theories, methods, tools and processes) has numerous uses.

 First, it gives us tools to be better understand the world. We can use methods like the futures triangle to map past, present and future. Through emerging issues analysis, we can more effectively anticipate future crisis. Through causal layered analysis, we can understand the root metaphors, myths and stories of organizations and nations. Through scenarios we can analyse the alternatives ahead of us. And through visioning and backcasting, we can imagine different worlds and ascertain the path necessary to get there.

 Second, futures aids in creating strategy. Armed with a map, with an understanding of future issues and deeper understanding of others, with alternatives, we can more effectively decide what we want to do, where we want to go.

 Third, futures is crucial for capacity building. This is far more than education, but assisting individuals and organizations, not just forecast, or prepare, or even understand the future, but have the adaptability to survive and thrive in any alternative future. 

Fourth futures is about emergence. Futures methods and thinking take us to the edge; to the edge of the unknown. Through futures thinking innovation is possible, indeed, far more likely. New futures can be created. 

Fifth, futures thinking is about transformation. Not just mapping or understanding, even with depth, but with transforming the world. Another world is possible. Futures thinking, methods, tools, and processes are all stunning social innovations that make the path to this other world far more likely.

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