Futurist Advocates for ‘Strategic Foresight’ in Corporate Planning (2015)

By: Natalie Greve, Creamer Media Contributing Editor Online United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation chair in futures studies Professor Sohail Inayatullah has touted the adoption of “transformative and strategic foresight” by companies in future scenario planning, telling a workshop that this approach creates flexibility in decision-making by moving from a focus on one inevitable […]

Seven Positive Trends Amidst the Doom and Gloom (2012)

By Sohail Inayatullah January 06, 2012 While there is a great deal of bad, indeed, horrendous, news in the world ­- global warming, terrorism, the global financial crisis, water shortages, worsening inequity – ­there are also signs of positive change. GENOMICS First, in genomics, the revolution of tailoring health advice has begun. Among other websites, […]

Questions for Busy Managers (2007)

By Sohail Inayatullah A chapter from Questioning the Future I am too busy to think about the future! There is no question that thinking about the future takes away time from other activities. However, the current present was once a future, and was either created from planned activities, or from things that you wanted to […]

Which Future for Libraries? (2006)

Based on a futures workshop of expert librarians and library stakeholders, four futures of the library and librarians are explored: “The Lean, Information Machine,” “Co-location for Community Capacity Building,” “Knowledge Navigator,” and “Dinosaurs of the Digital Knowledge Era.” Sohail Inayatullah Professor, Tamkang University and Adjunct Professor, University of the Sunshine Coast. S.inayatullah@qut.edu.au. www.metafuture.org Will libraries […]

Spirituality as the Fourth Bottom Line (2005)

Sohail Inayatullah, Professor, Tamkang University, Sunshine Coast University, Queensland University of Technology – www.metafuture.org Invariably, at the end of a lecture on paradigm change, new visions or community capacity, there is always some one in the audience who asks: but what is the bottom line? This is especially so at technical universities and business organizations. […]

Why Companies Fail (2004)

Capitalism forever? Why Companies Fail  Sohail Inayatullah “Why companies fail,” a remarkable essay by Ram Charan and Jerry Useem in Fortune magazine (May 27, 2002, 47-58) offers ten reasons to explain the crash of great companies and three ways to prosper.  While focused specifically on companies, what Charan and Useem miss is that their analysis […]

Cities Create Their Futures (2003)

Sohail Inayatullah[1] “Cities to play a major role in global governance, in a reformed United Nations” “Digitalization, aging, globalization, global warming, new viruses, as well as expanded expectations, all point to dramatic changes in the nature of Mayoral Responsibilities” “Nothing will change in my role as Mayor in twenty years – just more of the […]

Are Women Transforming Organisations? (2000)

Primitive descriptions of the “manager of the future” uncannily match those of female leadership, writes futurist Ivana Milojević from Brisbane. “Consultants try to teach male managers to relinquish the command-and-control mode. For women that came naturally – many of the attributes for which women’s leadership is praised are rooted in women’s socialised roles. The traditional […]