Last Butt Out By 2030 (2005)

By Amy Marshall August 12, 2005 We will see the last of cigarettes in Australia by 2030, a futurist said yesterday. Professor Sohail Inayatullah also suggested four different scenarios for the future of alcohol abuse. He took this year’s Rural Victorian Alcohol and Drug Conference theme of Time for Change by the horns and challenged […]

The Fourth Bottom Line (2004)

The 4th Bottom Line Saturday 1 May  2004 Summary Futurist Sohail Inayatullah argues that spirituality should be adopted as the “4th bottom line” after economic, social and environmental elements. Alexandra de Blas: Like Mary Clark, Professor Sohail Inayatullah works with the deeper stories and worldviews underpinning the way we see the future. He’s a leading […]

Health-bots and the Rights of Robots (2004)

Will health-bots monitor your caloric intake, warning you when you’ve eaten too much or not exercised enough?  Will a strategically placed health-bot make the toilet smart, giving instant feedback on potential diseases brewing?      “Will we use up-to-the-minute information to create the world we want, purchasing health and other products that match the futures we […]

The Apocalypse Never Need Be Nigh (2000)

So assert Australia’s leading futurists Dr Peter Ellyard and Dr Sohail Inayatullah  following gloom’n’doom predictions from futurists of the northern hemisphere.  London School of Economics professor Ian Angel has written that there simply will not be a human race by the year 3000 because the world already is overpopulated. Geoff Jenkins, head of Britain’s Hadley […]

New Learning Curve Sends Planners Back to the Future (1999)

Anticipatory Action Learning Byline: Julie Macken Australian Financial Review January 1, 1999 The accepted strategies for forward planning have lost credence, forcing corporations to rethink and re-arm  Typical. Just as corporate Australia is finally getting into the swing of strategic planning, along come some of the country’s foremost futurists and declare that the reign of […]

BBC Interview (1999)

Visionaries, Week 6, Programme 3: Education Breaking Down the Barriers – Towards International Understanding and Tolerance Visionary:  SOHAIL INAYUTULLAH – PAKISTAN We’ve started to move in a situation where post moderns say, yes, we can have many cultures, we can allow them in the doors of official knowledge of European civilisation.  But it’s still within […]

Metaphors and the Future (1995)

Sohail Inayatullah By Anna Smith (1995) Futurist Sohail Inayatullah challenges managers to create structures which allow you to respond to what you can’t foresee.  It takes a different sort of futurist to say you can’t predict the future. But Sohail Inayatullah is up-front about the perils of gazing too intently into crystall balls.  “I believe […]