How Well Do You Get Along With Your Robot? (2015)

Automation and our jobless futures SOHAIL INAYATULLAH   THE CHALLENGING FORECAST A recent report by the Foundation for Young Australian provides three dramatic forecasts. These are: [i] 44 per cent of jobs will be automated in the next 10 years 60 per cent of students are chasing careers that won’t exist Young people will have […]

Seven Positive Trends Amidst the Doom and Gloom (2012)

By Sohail Inayatullah January 06, 2012 While there is a great deal of bad, indeed, horrendous, news in the world ­- global warming, terrorism, the global financial crisis, water shortages, worsening inequity – ­there are also signs of positive change. GENOMICS First, in genomics, the revolution of tailoring health advice has begun. Among other websites, […]

Global Transformations and World Futures (Book Info, 2009)

Global Transformations and World Futures: Knowledge, Economy and Society, Vol 1 and 2 | Edited by Sohail Inayatullah | Oxford, EOLSS Publishers, 2009 | ISBN: 978–1–84826–666–7 (hard copy) | ISBN: 978–1–84826–216–4 (Adobe e-book Reader) The overall structure of this Book is divided into three areas: (1) Global transformations in Knowledge: Social and Cultural issues. Issues […]

Using the Future to Explore Visions of Globalization (2008)

By Sohail Inayatullah This essay reviews globalization and its alternative futures. It does this drawing from the epistemological and methodological focus of futures studies. Thus the futures is visited in a disciplined fashion the hope of moving away from idiosyncratic “how I see the future” discourses. This means seeing the future not only in temporal […]

We Discovered You! Alternative Futures for Asia (2006)

Sohail Inayatullah Professor, Tamkang University, Taiwan, Adjunct Professor, University of the Sunshine Coast and associate, Queensland University of Technology “The reported discovery of an accurate map of Asia by a 16th century Chinese explorer could create the context for Asia to transform its self-image, according to Professor Sohail Inayatullah of Tamkang University in Taipei […]

Which Identity for Australians? (2006)

By Sohail Inayatullah Professor, Tamkang University, University of the Sunshine Coast and What will happen to Australian identity? Can it transform, will new identities emerge,? Some of Australia’s best and brightest convened at Melbourne Business School for a two day workshop (February 14-15) on the futures of Australian identity, as a lead up to […]

Spirituality as the Fourth Bottom Line (2005)

Sohail Inayatullah, Professor, Tamkang University, Sunshine Coast University, Queensland University of Technology – Invariably, at the end of a lecture on paradigm change, new visions or community capacity, there is always some one in the audience who asks: but what is the bottom line? This is especially so at technical universities and business organizations. […]

Poverty-free Futures (2004)

By Ivana Milojević Approximately 10 years ago I was standing with my mother at a food store in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia. We needed to buy yogurt required by a recipe to finish a dish. It didn’t cross our minds that between her, who worked as a senior manager, and myself, employed as an associate lecturer […]

An Alternative View of the Futures of South Asia (2003)

Steps to a Confederation Sohail Inayatullah Professor, Tamkang University, Taiwan and Sunshine Coast University, Australia October 11, 2003 While we are all aware why we do not have peace in south asia, there is a paucity of explorations on how to create a better future.  The lack of peace defined as both individual peace […]

Youth Return the Future to Dubrovnik (2003)

Sohail Inayatullah Professor, Tamkang University, Sunshine Coast University, Queensland University of Technology. “The return of the Goddess in Dalmatia” “Dubrovnik avoiding mcdonaldization, and creating a new vision and practice of globalization” “Neo-humanistic education transforming Balkan pedagogy” These were some of the memes that were spread at the New Wave: Vision of the youth conference […]