New Futures Ahead: Genetic or Microvita Transformation (2000)

By Sohail Inayatullah The conventional view of the future assumes that life will keep on getting better. Income will go up, houses will increase in value, new technologies will make life better for all, even if in the short run some of us have to retrain. Our children’s lives will improve. To be sure, there […]

Home Alone and Stuck in the Office (1999)

SOHAIL INAYATULLAH (Australian Financial Review, October 1, 1999). Far from being fun, working from home may increase domestic pressures and social isolation, writes Sohail Inayatullah. John Worthington works from home. He saves on petrol and gets to spend more time with his children and his wife. He drives to his inner-city office once or twice […]

Alternative Futures of Europe (1999)

Visions from Young People at the University of Trier, Germany What will Europe look like in the next 50 years? What are the plausible scenarios? Which are  the preferred? A seminar held on June 23, 1999 at the University of Trier at the Centre for European Studies explored these and other questions.  Facilitated by political […]

Governance in the 21st Century (1999)

By Sohail Inayatullah, May,1999 (A version of this appeared in Sohail Inayatullah and Susan Leggett, Transformating Communication. Wesport, Praeger, 2002) Five revolutions in how we govern ourselves, in what we consider legitimate government stare at our faces.  These include: a revolution of size, the emergence of global institutions; the globalization of capital;  cyberdemocracy; people’s movements; […]

Aging Populations – From Overpopulation to Underpopulation (1999)

By Sohail Inayatullah As the world welcomes passenger number six billion – symbolically chosen by Kofi Annan to be a baby Bosnian from Sarajevo – the debate on overpopulation heats up. Concern over the carrying capacity of the Earth, resource use of the rich, and fear of billions of  “others” at immigration gates consistently make […]

Will Our Children Have Jobs in the Future? (1999)

Youths have no future, but there are ways in which we can create jobs and hope with them, says Sohail Inayatullah. “Why should I care about the future,” says Mark Stuart. While only 25, he has seen most of his childhood friends killed off from heroin and violence.  Most, especially the males remain  underemployed  and […]

Say You Want a Revolution, or Five (1999)

By Sohail Inayatullah  For centuries, world politics has been organised around nations and their official functionaries — with artificial borders drawn up, separating French from German, Australian from New Zealander. But this could all be blown away as technology and political movements reshape our understanding of world governance.    We are in the midst of […]

Global Transformations (1995)

Sohail Inayatullah Abstract Sohail Inayathullah examines the changing concepts of nature and technology in an essay on global structural transformations. He argues that the nation, the local, and the global capitalist system are in the midst of a dramatic structural transformation pointing to massive shifts in identity, economy and governance. He suggests ways for these […]

Rethinking Tourism (1995)

By Sohail Inayatullah Unfamiliar Histories and Alternative Futures   DECONSTRUCTION   This essay seeks to deconstruct tourism.  We ask: what are the futures of tourism and how does the idea of the tourist circulate in the discourse of modernity?  We are not concerned with providing empirical data or giving futuristic projections, rather our task is […]

The Rights of Robots (1988)

Technology, Culture and Law in the 21st Century By Phil McNally and Sohail Inayatullah* INTRODUCTION In the last five years, the Hawaii Judiciary has developed as part of its comprehensive planning program, a futures research component.  Initially futures research was largely concerned with identifying emerging issues; that is issues that are low in awareness to […]